Spooky Halloween Photo Booth

The hubby and I hosted a costume party with a few friends this past weekend. It was an excuse to put together a halloween playlist (which I’ll be sharing soon!), bake some chocolate cupcakes, finish up the spooky decor, and dress up in fun costumes. I was very excited when our friends started arriving in impressive get-ups. I was particuarly taken by our friend Jennifer Ling Datchuk as Frida Kahlo. She looks amazing, right?!

Jennifer Ling Datchuk Halloween Photo Booth #veggieangie
Frida Kahlo with Skull

Jeremiah Teutsch and Ashley Halloween Photo Booth #veggieangie
Watch out Ashley, it’s Killer Siggy!

Our bestie Jerry showed up as a character from our short film Jerry Heggleman: The Enigmatic Eye, which I feel only we could truly appreciate. It didn’t take him long to get into our props and wardrobe, change costumes, and create the funniest photo I’ve ever been in. Thank you Jerry. You are the light of our parties.

Jeremiah Teutsch and Angela Walley Halloween Photo Booth #veggieangie
Bruce Vilanch and I! (hahahahha!)

Jeremiah Teutsch Halloween Photo Booth #veggieangie
Beautiful Jerry

Mark was originally going to dress as  Jackson Galaxy, the cat daddy who hosts My Cat From Hell. That costume would have been hilarious and paired perfectly with my black cat costume, but Mark decided the bald cap and unique facial hair was a bit much. We settled on Steampunk Cinematographer inspired by our time watching SyFy’s Heroes of Cosplay and checking out this awesome video by Crabcat Industries.

Mark Walley Steampunk Halloween Photo Booth #veggieangie
Steampunk Hubby!

Such a cutie! We found his shirt and vest at the Texas Thrift Store and I made the collar, gloves, hat, and accessories from stuff I found around the house (8mm lenses included!). I ended up getting jealous, so I made myself a matching Steampunk outfit too!  I’ll have to get a photo of us together in our costumes.

Werewolf Halloween Photo Booth #veggieangie
I wouldn’t trust that Wereman!

Our friend John joined in on the fun by wearing these furry werewolf gloves all night. They were originally part of Mark’s Teen Wolf costume from many years back. We appreciated his dedication to those cheap gloves which were obviously not designed for opening beers, eating dinner, or writing answers to our Halloween version of Loaded Questions. His lovely wife Sara didn’t make it into our photo booth – maybe because she kicked it’s butt last time?

Jennifer Ling Datchuk & Ryan Takaba Halloween Photo Booth #veggieangie
Frida and Vincent Van Gogh

The whole party was also an excuse to catch up with Jenn and Ryan. They are such incredible artists and friends and I was so glad they were the first to arrive and last to leave. Thanks to everyone for joining us for dinner and letting us take these silly photos. We’d love to make costume parties a tradition every year!

xo angie

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