Happy Thanksgiving

I'm Thankful For Chalkboard #Thanksgiving #VeggieAngie My nephew Dylan is thankful for our chalkboard door Woah. I can’t believe it’s thanksgiving already! We picked up my nephew Dylan last night and took him over to The Frey Family’s house. Yesterday was Karl’s birthday and his parents were in town, so we got a chance to chat and catch up while the boys played. Karl and his dad made Brussels Sprouts three ways on the grill. They were perfectly cooked and seasoned. I liked the BBQ and sesame ones the best. It made me wish we had fresh brussels sprouts for today, but frozen will have to do. I had baked my Pumpkin Bread to share with Karl, which Vonn had said was so good I should sell it! Today has been very busy. Dylan and I woke up early this morning to start cooking for Mark’s family’s Thanksgiving. I made a Shepard’s Pie, Polenta, and Pumpkin Bread. Dylan got to play with Mark’s Brother’s son Jackson while we enjoyed a delicious Thanksgiving lunch. Now we’re back home resting before we start cooking dinner for my family. I can’t wait to see my baby niece Lillian and family soon! Tonight’s Menu

Plus I’m making my Homemade French Bread into a Walnut and Raisin Stuffing. Happy Thanksgiving! xo angie p.s. Check out my Pinterest page for more Vegan Thanksgiving inspiration!

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