New Year’s Nephew

Baby Lleyton #veggieangie
Holding baby Lleyton for the first time

The hubby and I celebrated our new year by taking a look back on our favorite film projects and spending the evening with family and friends. This year is already a special one with the birth of my nephew Lleyton. He is the little brother of my nephew Dylan and is just too handsome.

Sisters and Kids #veggieangie
Me, my sisters, and their cute kiddos

Grandpa and Baby #veggieangie
Grandpa with Baby Lleyton

Grandma with her Grandchildren #veggieangie
Grandma with her adorable Grandchildren

The whole family gathered at my sister’s home this weekend to welcome the new baby. Dylan was very excited to introduce everyone to his baby brother and it was such a joy to have all the grandkids in one room. I’m thrilled to continue experiencing motherhood vicariously through my older sisters. Congrats to my sister Nadia and her husband Eugene!

xo angie

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