My Book Collection

Vegan Books #VeggieAngie
A collection of some of my favorite books

My dad came over for a visit this weekend with my baby niece Lillian and my brother-in-law Travis. I made Corn and Potato Chowder for lunch and baked Oatmeal Cookies for dessert. Dad and I spent time with baby Lillian playing with toys in the living room and hanging out in the backyard. The weather has been so beautiful lately. My dad had been meaning to bring over a book for me called The Herb Bible.

Vegan Books #VeggieAngie
The Herb Bible

Vegan Books #VeggieAngie
The Herb Bible – Aromatherapy

I’ve been wanting to plant a herb garden for years, but I’ve never got around to it. I started looking through it today and found lots of helpful information including vegetarian recipes and herbal home remedies. Although the book isn’t entirely vegan-friendly, it’s still a great resource. It’s the latest edition to my collection of vegan and vegetarian books I keep in my dining room. Some are recipe books and others are helpful vegan guides.

Vegan Books #VeggieAngie
So many recipes and lots of inspiration!

I’ve been spending less time online and more time trying recipes, working on projects, and getting outside. The internet can be a wonderful place for inspiration and information, but it can also be an overwhelming black hole that takes hold of your life. I think there can be a balance and I’m hoping to find one. As mentioned in a previous post, I’ve deleted my Veggie Angie facebook and twitter accounts. I hope to share a new post here each Monday as I have been the last couple of weeks. It’s a nice way to start the week for me and also celebrates Meatless Mondays. I hope you’re off to a wonderful week and taking a moment in remembrance of Martin Luther King, Jr.

xo angie

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4 Responses to My Book Collection

  1. Laura says:

    Great collection of books – some good ones for me to check out too! Happy MLK jr day!


  2. lovecarryon says:

    great blog! glad i found you:)
    keep spreading the love:)


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