Lillian’s 1st Birthday

Happy Spring! As I mentioned in my previous post, we helped throw a party for my adorable niece Lillian last Sunday. Her actual birthday was the 20th, The First Day of Spring. My birthday is on Tax Day, memorable, but being born on the first day of spring is way better.

Spring Birthday #veggieangie
The Birthday girl takes a walk around the yard

Spring Birthday #veggieangie
Check out my flower crown and Dylan’s funny flower face!

Spring Birthday #veggieangie
Our flower piñata

The party had a Garden theme and one of my favorite activities was the art table. We set up craft supplies and let the kids paint their own flower pots. After the pots dried we helped them plant flowers to take home. Since there was extra flower pots, I joined in on the fun.

Spring Birthday #veggieangie
Painting flower pots

Spring Birthday #veggieangie
I love arts and crafts! 

Spring Birthday #veggieangie
Planting flowers

Spring Birthday #veggieangie
Completed flower pots

Spring Birthday #veggieangie
Flowers catching some sun

The party was a great way to celebrate my niece’s first year and usher in spring. The weather is a bit cool and overcast now, but we’ve been really enjoying the warm days in between. We’re finishing up a big project this week and I’m looking forward to taking some time off to do some spring cleaning and gardening. Happy Monday!

xo angie

p.s. Looking for something to do this weekend? I recommend the Farmer’s Market at Pearl Brewery and Animal Sanctuary Volunteer Day at the Society for Animal Rescue and Adoption in Seguin.

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2 Responses to Lillian’s 1st Birthday

  1. First day of Spring definitely wins out over tax day. Here is to a late Happy Birthday to Lillian and an early birthday to you.


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