Merry Christmas Eve!

Vegan Christmas Sugar Cookies #VeggieAngie
Vegan Christmas Sugar Cookies

Today is Christmas Eve and I’m spending the day with my hubby baking sugar cookies for all of our Christmas Parties we’ll be attending, four in total over the next three days! I was baking all last week as well, making cookies for the two parties we threw here at the house.

Vegan Christmas Sugar Cookies #VeggieAngie
Christmas Sugar Cookie Cutters

Vegan Christmas Sugar Cookies #VeggieAngie
I love cutting out all the shapes!

The best cookie recipe I baked this Christmas has been Minimalist Baker’s 1 Bowl Vegan Sugar Cookies. They come out perfectly – just make sure you freeze your batter as recommended (at least 15 minutes) before rolling and cutting your cookies. I used the cookie cutters I inherited from my Mom (meaning she left them behind and hasn’t taken them back…yet).

Vegan Christmas Sugar Cookies #VeggieAngie
Vegan Christmas Sugar Cookies with Sprinkles!

Vegan Christmas Sugar Cookies #VeggieAngie
Vegan Christmas Sugar Cookies ready to take to our first party!

These Sugar Cookies were the hubby’s favorite, especially when we covered them in colorful sprinkles. My favorite ones were the Christmas Trees with Dark Chocolate Chips as ornaments. They are best served with a glass of almond milk or a warm mug of cocoa. Try making your cocoa with a couple drops of peppermint extract, so good!

Vegan Christmas Sugar Cookies #VeggieAngie
Vegan Christmas Tree Sugar Cookies

I’m looking forward to sharing these cookies with our families and friends soon. Many of our friends already received their cookies last week after I threw a Cookie Party with my Mom, Sister, and adorable niece.

Cookie Party 2014 #veggieangie
Christmas Cookie Party Success!

The hubby and I decided not to exchange Christmas gifts so we could go all out for our parties. We made Chuck’s Curry “Tuna Fish” Sandwiches, gathered fun Photo Booth props, and I purchased lots of different cookie gift boxes to give away to our family and friends. I’m so glad I got to spend time with my Mom, Sister, and Niece – they are so much fun!

A couple of days later the hubby and I had a small party with a few friends. We ate yummy Vegetable Fajitas and Chili, played Christmas Minute to Win It games, slow danced, sang karaoke, and had fun in our Christmas Photo Booth. Mark and I spent a couple of days planning that party, but it was so worth it.

Our friend Jerry stopped by yesterday to give me a wonderful Christmas gift – a handmade frame for a Keith Haring print I bought earlier this year. It goes perfectly over our fireplace mantel.

I did almost all of my Christmas shopping and decorating a few weeks ago and our home has been filled with Christmas spirit since then. My favorite thing was wrapping presents and baking cookies while blasting Christmas music – thanks to my hubby for always providing the perfect music mixes!

I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas Eve!

xo angie

p.s. We’ve watched 10 Christmas Movies and counting, my favorites were Christmas at Pee Wee’s Playhouse and Home Alone 2. What’s your favorite Holiday Movie??

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  1. Evelyn says:

    They look so delicious!


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