My Favorite Posts of 2014

The New Year will be here in just a couple days, so I thought now would be a good time to take a look back at all my favorite Veggie Angie posts from this past year. I know it’s cliché to say that the year flew by, but seriously I have no idea what happened to the last several months. Oh well, time for the best of 2014!

My Favorite Vegan Recipe Posts

Vegan Corn and Potato Chowder | #VeggieAngieCorn and Potato Chowder
A recipe I made over and over again and was always appreciated by family and friends. Now I’m thinking I should make this recipe for New Years Eve, it’s going to be a cold one!

Vegan Chocolate Cupcakes #veggieangie
Vegan Chocolate Cupcakes

An easy and delicious recipe I adapted from A Beautiful Mess Blog, they are moist and just perfect they way they are – no frosting needed!

Vegan Chinese Challah Bread #veggieangie
Veganized it: Chinese Challah

A veganized recipe from My Name is Yeh, one of my favorite blogs. Molly’s mixed heritage inspired this Chinese Challah. The green onions and sesame seeds made this homemade bread so special. I really enjoyed braiding bread for the first time!

Edamame Sushi Bowl #veggieangie #vegan
Edamame Sushi Bowl

Are you too lazy to roll sushi? Me too! This Edamame Sushi Bowl was adapted from a Fitness Magazine and makes for the perfect lunch. The hubby and I made this at a time when we weren’t eating out very often. Hmm…that’s a good idea, we should resolve to do even more cooking at home together in 2015.

White Vegan Pizza #veggieangie
White Vegan Pizza

This pizza dough is the softest and most perfect I’ve ever eaten, much less made myself! The two-hour wait for the dough to rise may discourage you, but don’t let it! If you make this recipe you will be rewarded handsomely with yummy pizza.

Vegan Zucchini Banana Bread #veggieangie
Vegan Zucchini Bread

My baking recipes tend to be easy and delicious, and this recipe is no exception. Just make sure you give yourself time to bake it, since at 45 minutes it has the longest bake time on this list.

Chuck's Curry Tuna Fish Salad #veggieangie
Chuck’s Curry “Tuna Fish” Salad

I took a hiatus writing this blog in July to focus on producing our documentary following the life and work of artist Chuck Ramirez. Since the summer I have only published three posts, including this one. While working on our film I kept hearing about Chuck’s Curry Tuna Fish recipe, so I decided to veganize it and share my delicious results.

My Favorite Restaurant Reviews

Sweet Ritual #veggieangieAustin Review: Sweet Ritual
Sweet Ritual had been on my “Austin To Do List” for a long time and we finally made time for a visit while in town to see a Pure Bathing Culture and La Luz show. We’ve visited a few times since and are never disappointed in their vegan ice cream goodness.

Stir-Fried Tofu Delight at Cafe TH #veggieangieHouston Review: Cafe TH
While in town working on a documentary for Rice Gallery we visited Cafe TH, a lovely Vietnamese restaurant in East Downtown Houston. Chef and Owner, Minh Nguyen made us feel so welcomed and like any good host, served us fresh and delicious food.

Earth Burger #veggieangieSan Antonio Review: Earth Burger
The opening of Earth Burger was definitely a high point for the vegan community here in San Antonio. Not only is Earth Burger Texas’ first Plant-based Fast Food restaurant, it’s convenient, affordable, locally owned, family friendly, and delicious!

My Favorite Family + Friends Posts

Baby Lleyton #veggieangie New Year’s Nephew
My adorable Nephew Lleyton was born on January 2nd of this year. He is the second child of my eldest sister and brother to my first nephew, Dylan. Holding him in my hands for the first time was a wonderful way to start 2014.

Spring Birthday #veggieangieLillian’s First Birthday
My niece Lillian, or “Squishy” as I call her, had her first Birthday this year. The hubby and I have been so close to Lillian and her parent’s since she was born. Watching her learning how to walk and hearing her say new words has been such a joy this year.

Christmas Photo Booth 2014 #veggieangie

Christmas Parties
My love for Christmas really grew this year. I typically found it stressful and had even talked about traveling just the hubby and me for the holidays. But this year we had such a wonderful time hosting and attending parties that I can’t imagine not being there to watch all our nieces and nephews (five total and one on the way!) open their Christmas presents and eat the sugar cookies we baked.

I have so much to be grateful for this year: my wonderful hubby, my family, and my friends. We found out my father has cancer recently and it has really helped put things in perspective in terms of appreciating the time I have with my loved ones. I’m also so grateful to have received the support we needed to make our documentary following Chuck Ramirez. I have truly enjoyed all the time I spent baking and cooking with my hubby, working on film projects, celebrating the holidays with our family, and continuing to make our house a home. Here’s to the New Year and the many wonderful possibilities it holds for us!

Happy New Year!

xo angie

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  1. memo2munch says:

    Your recipes are so creative! Fun to see a few of your favorites :)


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