Raw Vegan Protein Thin Mints

Raw Vegan Protein Thin Mints #veggieangie
Raw Vegan Protein Thin Mints

Happy Monday! I hope you’ve all had a wonderful Fiesta! San Antonio really knows how to throw a 17 day long party. You’d think that since Fiesta is over it would be time to retire the papel picado and fiesta apparel, but that’s where you’re wrong! It’s never time to put away party decorations! There’s always a reason to put on fake mustaches at our house.

Raw Vegan Protein Thin Mints #veggieangie
Seriously. yum.

The hubby and I have been very active lately. This past week we’ve gotten into a groove of eating well, exercising, editing video projects, watching 80’s fantasy movies, and playing music. We’ve been starting each day with fruit & veggie smoothies and either going for a run or doing a workout dvd. I prefer getting outside for exercise. The other day we walked / jogged all the way to Grandma’s house (my Mom’s house), where she just happened to be babysitting my nephews. Fun ensued and then we jogged home. Those are the kind of memories you don’t make doing an exercise dvd, but then again, I dislike running when it’s 90° outside.

Raw Vegan Protein Thin Mints #veggieangie
These Thin Mints are ready for Fiesta all year long!

Taking our more active lifestyle and my huge sweet tooth into consideration, I decided I would share these yummy vegan thin mints today. Not only are they vegan, they are raw, gluten-free, packed with protein, and super easy!

Raw Vegan Protein Thin Mints #veggieangie

Raw Vegan Protein Thin Mints
Makes 1 Dozen Cookies – Recipe adapted from One Green Planet

3/4 cup organic chocolate flavored soy protein powder
2 1/2 tbsp organic cocoa powder
1 tsp vanilla extract
1 tsp peppermint extract
1 tsp agave
7 tbsp coconut oil, liquid at room temperature

Combine above ingredients into a medium bowl and stir until well mixed. The mixture will be liquid at first, but the coconut oil will start to set and thicken the cookie dough. If your dough isn’t thickening, place the bowl in the fridge for 15 minutes. Remove from fridge and stir until it starts to solidify. The mixture just needs to be firm enough to hold its shape.

Use a tablespoon cookie scoop to drop rounded cookie dough balls onto a parchment-lined baking sheet. Cover the cookies with plastic wrap and press the dough balls down with your finger tips until they form a flattened round shape, reshaping the edges if needed. Place the cookies in fridge to set for 30 minutes. They are ready to eat when they are hard to the touch. You can expediate this process by placing them in the freezer for 15 minutes.

Raw Vegan Protein Thin Mints #veggieangie
“Are these for me??”

Fiesta Thin Mints Photo Booth

The chocolate and peppermint combination makes these cookies irresistible. I’m dedicating these cookies to my gluten-free bestie Marisa! I miss you girl! Best of luck finishing up your MFA! I’m counting the days till we reunite. I guess Remy can have some of these cookies too :)

Raw Vegan Protein Thin Mints #veggieangie
A stack of delicious goodness

Local Vegan News

· Congrats to the amazing team over at Earth Burger for achieving their Kickstarter goal. There will be a plant-based fast food restaurant in Texas!

· Congrats also to the wonderful people behind Austin Worldwide Vegan Bakesale for raising $1,512.53! 100% of the bakesale proceeds benefit Austin Pets Alive!

· Join San Antonio Vegetable Eaters (SAVE) this Saturday for their Monthly Dineout at Vegeria

xo angie

p.s. I’ve added a Frequently Asked Questions page, check it out!

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Meatless Monday: Hers and His Smoothies

Hers and His Vegan Nutriblasts #veggieangie
Yummy Vegan Smoothies

Happy Monday! I hope you had a fun Easter Weekend. The hubby and I hosted our family Easter party at our house yesterday afternoon. Since my Birthday was last week, we celebrated my 28th Birthday yesterday too. We really enjoyed getting the house together (the backyard needed some serious attention) and celebrating with our family. I’ll have to share my sister Sarah’s recipe for the delicious Chickpea Burgers she made for our party. They were so good! For now, I’d like to share our yummy breakfast.

Frozen Blueberries #veggieangie
Frozen Blueberries

While the hubby and I were shopping for our party last week, he picked up a NutriBullet. We’ve used it twice everyday since we got it. Trying new smoothie recipes has made us buy more fresh fruits and vegetables, and we’ve also started to eat healthier meals. If you follow my blog, you know I love to bake. I could live on vegan bread and cookies. Making fruit and veggie smoothies makes eating healthy convenient and more interesting to me than a salad or bowl of fruit.

Vita-Berry Blast #veggieangie

Vita-Berry Blast Recipe (modified)
· handful of organic spring greens
· 1 banana
· 1 cup frozen organic blueberries
· Handful of organic strawberries
· 1 tbsp flaxseed meal
· 1/2 handful of walnuts
· 1 cup water
· Handful of ice

Combine all the ingredients and blend until smooth. This is my favorite Nutriblast recipe we’ve tried so far. I like my smoothies chilled, so I added ice and used frozen blueberries, which are also priced better than fresh.

Fresh Pineapple #veggieangie
Fresh Pineapple

Modified Toxin Cleansing Blast #veggieangie

Toxin Cleansing Blast Recipe (modified)
· Handful organic spinach
· 1 banana
· 1/2 cored organic green apple
· 1 cup fresh pineapple
· 1 tbsp flaxseed meal
· 1 cup water
· Handful of ice

Combine all the ingredients and blend until smooth. Feel free to add more ice or water to achieve the desired consistency. The hubby tried this Toxin Cleansing recipe for the first time today and he really enjoyed it. I love the bright green color, which reminded me of my favorite creamy green smoothie by Kris Carr.

Hers and His Vegan Nutriblasts #veggieangie
Hers and His Vegan Nutriblasts

I’ve been wanting to share hers and his vegan smoothies ever since I saw this post over on Sprouted Kitchen. It was really nice to have spent our morning together making healthy smoothies and enjoying them on the porch. I hope you have a wonderful week!

xo angie

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Meatless Monday: Houston’s Cafe TH

Happy Monday! I have some amazing Vietnamese food to share with you today. While we were in Houston last week, the hubby and I had lunch at Cafe TH, a lovely Vietnamese restaurant in East Downtown Houston. Cafe TH features fresh, local, Vietnamese cuisine with a selection of vegan menu items. We had the chance to meet and chat with Cafe TH Chef and Owner, Minh Nguyen. He was so friendly and made us feel at home in his restaurant.

Cafe TH Chef and Owner, Minh Nguyen #veggieangie
Cafe TH Chef and Owner, Minh Nguyen

Vegan Menu at Houston's Cafe TH #veggieangie
Vegan Menu at Houston’s Cafe TH

Fried Eggrolls with Fresh Vegetables at Cafe TH #veggieangie
Fried Eggrolls served with Fresh Vegetables

Stir-Fried Tofu Delight at Cafe TH #veggieangie
Stir-Fried Tofu Delight

Vy-Gan Curry at Cafe TH #veggieangie
Vy-Gan Yellow Curry

Jasmine Rice at Cafe TH #veggieangie
Jasmine Rice

Other Vegan menu items include Pho Vegetable Noodle Soup, Vermicelli served with Fried Tofu, and Rice served with Fried Tofu. According to Vegan Houston Blog, their Baguette Bread is not vegan-friendly. Cafe TH will definitely be a new go-to spot for us in Houston, I hope you’ll visit them soon!

Cafe TH
2108 Pease St, Houston, TX
Lunch: Monday – Saturday 11am – 3pm
Dinner: Thursday & Friday 6pm – 9pm
Closed Sunday

Local Vegan News

· The hubby and I visited Austin yesterday for a Mac Demarco show at Mohawk (it was amazing!) and I found this Vegan Tour of Austin by Lazy Smurf very helpful. We had a late dinner at Bouldin Creek Cafe, so vegan-friendly and delicious!

· I just heard about Rickshaw Shop, San Antonio’s only Pakistani Food truck. They offer Vegan Tahiri Rice, and Vegetarian Samosas. I hope to try them soon!

· Support Earth Burger, San Antonio’s First Plant-Based Fast Food Restaurant by donating to their KickStarter Campaign!

xo angie

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Meatless Monday: Houston’s Pondicheri

Happy Meatless Monday! Today the hubby and I are in Houston working on a short documentary film with Rice University Art Gallery. Our film is following Vietnamese artist Dinh Q. Lê, and is the eighth film in our short documentary series for Rice Gallery.

Pondicheri Lunch at Rice Gallery #veggieangie
Pondicheri Lunch with Rice Gallery

Christine Medina, Rice Gallery Manager, planned today’s lunch for the whole crew. Being the wonderful lady she is, she ordered lunch from Pondicheri, a local Indian fusion restaurant that celebrates Meatless Mondays. From Pondicheri’s Website:

All day Monday, we offer an all-vegetarian menu with our weekly menu’s vegetarian dishes in addition to these specials served only on this day. we have chosen to serve no meat one day a week so that we may, in this small way, lessen our impact on the environment and promote a healthier society.

Pondicheri's Peanut Noodles #veggieangie
Pondicheri’s Peanut Noodles [gf] [v] – a Chinese / Indian stir fry with rice noodles, carrots, red bell peppers, celery & sugar snap peas in a peanut soy chili sauce.

Pondicheri's Vegetable Curry #veggieangie
Pondicheri’s Vegetable Curry [gf] [v] – red bell pepper, sugar snap peas, seasonal squash & fingerling potato in a tomato, ginger & cumin curry, served with turmeric rice.

Pondicheri’s menu also offers the following vegan-friendly menu items: Lentil Samosas, Kachumber Salad, Barley Salad, Pondicheri Salad, Vegetable Frankie, and Vishnu Vegetable Curry. They are clearly marked [v] on their menu along with their [gf] gluten-free options.

Christine at Rice Gallery #veggieangie
The lovely Christine at Rice Gallery

The weather was absolutely perfect for an outdoor lunch in front of Rice Gallery. I also have lots of Peanut Noodle leftovers for dinner tonight. Thanks again to Christine for putting together such a nice lunch, now it’s time to get back to work!

2800 Kirby, Ste. B132
Houston, Texas 77098

xo angie

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Quarry Farmers & Ranchers Market

Quarry Farmer's Market
Quarry Farmers & Ranchers Market

The hubby and I finally had some time to visit the Quarry Farmer’s Market this past Sunday. We met up with my sister, her husband, and my baby niece Lillian around noon to check out the market. The weather was beautiful and we didn’t have to wait long at each booth we visited. I took some time talking with some of the vendors to learn more about their products and to find vegan options. I didn’t have to look hard. Aside from all the fresh fruits and vegetables, there was also a variety of vegan-friendly food and drink to choose from. This isn’t a definitive list of vegan products at Quarry Farmer’s Market, but it’s a great start.

Lillian enjoys The Gardener's Feast Tamales
Lillian enjoys The Gardener’s Feast Tamales

The Gardeners Feast
The first booth we came across that advertised their vegan options was The Gardener’s Feast. Reasonably priced at $3, their vegan tamales come in three varieties: Spinach and Caramelized Onions, Mushrooms, and Nopalitos Cactus. The tamale I tried was moist and delicious. Make sure you visit their booth early, before they run out! www.TheGardenersFeast.com

Buddha’s Brew Kombucha
I didn’t think I would like Kombucha until I tried Buddha’s Brew. This tasty probiotic drink was a sweet, carbonated treat. Our Kombucha was one of 4-5 blends on tap, poured into a lovely glass mason jar. I plan on trying their other flavors to see which I like best. Nearly all flavors are vegan-friendly, just ask to see which may contain honey. www.BuddhasBrew.com

Nisha’s Quick N Ezee Indian Food
Nisha sells her homemade Indian cuisine at farmer’s markets and also does catering. We tried her Parathas, a flatbread stuffed with vegetables, similar to a quesadilla. Nisha’s parathas come in three different flavors: Spinach, Potato, and Pumpkin. I also recommend Nisha’s flavorful Chutneys. Nisha was very friendly, so feel free to ask to make sure which products are vegan. www.NishasIndianFood.com

La Panadería
We came too late to enjoy the vegan-friendly breads offered by La Panadería, but if they taste as good as they look online, I’m sold. www.LaPanaderia.com

There were a few booths we didn’t get a chance to visit which also carry vegan options: Oh Kimchi Austin, Revolucion Coffee + Juice, Humble House Foods, and Good Gluten-Free Foods. I hope you’ll take some time to support local business by visiting the Quarry Farmer’s Market soon!

Quarry Farmer's Market Strawberries
Quarry Farmer’s Market Strawberries

Quarry Farmers & Ranchers Market
255 E. Base Road in the Parking Lot Near Whole Foods
Every Sunday 9am – 1pm

xo angie

p.s. I highly recommend taking the drive up to Austin this Saturday for the Texas VegFest, a free festival promoting and celebrating plant-based diets and cruelty-free lifestyles. There will cooking demos, lectures, youth activities, live music, and lots of amazing vegan food.

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